Training at SoHarlem:

Here at SoHarlem, there are many ways you can make use of the services we offer. We aim to build and train those interested in design work, whether it be sewing, tailoring, pattern making, et cetera. The path to training is straightforward: 

  1. Trainees

  2. Apprenticeship

  3. Designers in Residence

While these could be followed through step by step, our program is quite flexible and they can pause or stop at any point the trainee wishes. 

Furthermore, if you are already an established designer and would simply like to be a resident at SoHarlem, you can do just that by applying directly to the Designer In Resident program. Lastly, we have a very tight knit community of designers and supporters at SoHarlem that continuously help support products made by the local designers. 

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More about our offerings:


As a part of the training, trainees go through a series of workshops and sewing classes.


Primarily Trainees who have graduated from the program and are advanced enough to become Apprentices. The Apprenticeship provides access and credentials which includes experience in our Designers’ Studio for successful applicants deepening skillset to professional level.

To meet our apprentices Click Here

Designer in Residence:

For more info, check out our Designer in Residence page.

To learn more about each of these options and information on how to apply, please feel free to Contact Us.