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The Designers’ Studio


The Designers’ Studio:

The Designers’ Studio, initiated in 2015, has evolved into a professional development vehicle vastly different from traditional sample rooms and apparel training programs in that it includes practical advice from creative entrepreneurs to experts in the fashion industry, seasoned designers, pattern makers and sewists (a seamstress who is passionate about sewing).

SoHarlem’s Designers’ Studio offers memberships to designers. The membership program is supported by experienced designers who are in residence at SoHarlem or teach in SoHarlem’s Community Training Institute. The Designers-in-Residence provide reasonably priced consultation to aspiring designers and access to local manufacturing for small production runs where designers can leverage apprentices, tailors, pattern makers, and seamstresses. 

The Designers’ Studio offers emerging, local, regional and global designers the following options:

1. Studio time to develop a design, obtain advice on design, fabrics and patterns and access to cutting tables. 

2. Space for meetings to showcase their collection to potential and currents buyers.

Participating designers pay a subsidized monthly membership fee and receive preferential service pricing. All services, including sample construction, are available for an hourly consulting fee. 

Professional design packages include: 

• Free Consultation (30 min.). Includes a design assessment, an assessment of SoHarlem’s manufacturing capabilities and a pricing estimate. 

• Paid Consultation (billed by the hour). In-depth design assistance: fabric sourcing, pattern making and sample construction. 

• Sourcing and Manufacturing Planning and Support (billed by the hour): Fabric sourcing, pattern making, manufacturing guidance. 

• Sample Construction (billed by the hour): Sample designs are manufactured using SoHarlem’s seamstress and sewing services.

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Consultations are available Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11AM to 4PM.
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