A community-based social enterprise dedicated to strengthening the cultural economy and enhancing public spaces in the Manhattanville Factory District.

A gift to SoHarlem supports our training programs which develop highly skilled workers from our local community working in home-grown businesses. 

Although New York City is a world center for fashion, many of the design services in the historic Garment District are being shuttered. The SoHarlem Designers' Studio offers Sew It Is, A Comprehensive Sampling Service for Designers.  Your gift subsidizes emerging designers and textile artists from Harlem in need of design and other services.

Your gift has the power to make a real difference in our community. We pride ourselves on being great stewards of our resources; we'll do everything in our power to ensure your gift makes the biggest possible impact.



  • Every neighborhood needs its own SoHarlem.

    Unique, yet ubiquitous! SoHarlem is one of a kind, embedded in the community of the Manhattanville Factory District, as business generating organization. The programs it engenders and supports provide opportunity to artists and craftsmen and women. Places for artists to grow, share, and add great value to the creative environment.

We have raised $9,633.00 of our goal.

Your tax deductible contribution will be acknowledged on our website for being the change in our community.

Donate with credit card or check payable to SoHarlem & Mail to Address Below

10-$49 Supports Supplies & Materials
$50-$99 Supports Equipment
$100-$499 Supports Training Program 
$500-$1000+Subsidizes Emerging Designers 


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