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Contribute to SoHarlem’s community efforts! At this moment, our work to create economic opportunity for aspiring designers has taken on a new sense of relevance and urgency, but our resources remain the same. Your gift will go towards efforts such as paid professional design training and textiles to new designers who want to be a part of this rich cultural district. Donations support every step in the design and creation process and allow SoHarlem to continue to train a workforce, support our workers financially and personally.

Our community thrives when we work together for good. Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission, discover how your help furthers our cause and supports our team. See what we do.

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Thank You SoHarlem's Supporters

Debs Foundation Janet Martinez
Union Theological Janet Rodriguez
Council Service Plus, Inc. Jerry Wright
David Lee Daniel Windham
Ben Dubin Thaler Jessica Tomb
Betania Medina Katerine Phillips
Charles Morris Kathleen Benson Haskins
Deirdre Washington Laura Winter
Denise Gordon Leslie Day
Diana Cherryholmes Lisa Garrison
Donald J. Cogsville Marva Hicks
Edwin Finder Maygen Moore
Emily Owens Nydia Navaez
Emmily De Los Santos Olivia Smashum
Enrique Mustelier Robert Perry
Gail Prewitt Sigfredo Benetiz
Gloria Rodriguez Susan Glass
Hannah Schmidt Turquoise Young
Hannelore McDaniels Victoria Rosenthal Kristy
Helen Rosenberg Yvonne Dominquez
Iris Morales Cindy Ladopoulos
Isabel Nazario Karl Pettus
Barbara Paddock