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                               Rendering of a view from Amsterdam Avenue of the future 126th and 127th Streets. Redevelopment of the former Taystee Bakery on the Right

Mission/Vision Statement: 

SoHarlem Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that unites a mix of individuals, dedicated to the support and development of the Manhattanville Factory District by embracing the people, culture, and the essence of West Harlem.

Positioning/Movement Statement: 

SoHarlem Inc. lead(s) sustainability initiatives through the combined efforts of its creative entrepreneurs, neighbors, volunteers, funders, public officials and others. Through a continuous effort of community outreach, workforce creation and incubation, SoHarlem Inc. invests in individuals and organizations dedicated to fostering talent in the community and the development of the Factory District.

Conceptual/Transparency Statement: 

SoHarlem Inc. relies on a system of respect, inclusivity, collaboration, and transparency as its backbone. Our dedication to preserving the integrity and livelihood of each individual within SoHarlem, allows us to open our doors to investors, creators, collaborators, and individuals who seek to invest in the development of our community.