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Designers' Studio

About the Designers' Studio

The Designers' Studio, initiated in 2015, has evolved into a professional development vehicle vastly different from traditional sample rooms and apparel training programs in that it includes practical advice from entrepreneurs with experts in the fashion industry, seasoned designers, patternmakers and sewists (seamstress who is passionate about sewing). 

The Designers' Studio was started by Julian Asion in 2015.  Asion ​who after more than four decades of collaborating with designers to bring their visions to fruition, was poised to give back to the field by inspiring a new generation of emerging fabric artisans and designers in Harlem.  Born in Cuba and a New Yorker by choice, Julian brought a new level of energy and expertise to the SoHarlem team through the depth and breadth of his experience working in the fashion industry, theater and high society. 

Julian donated his archives to SoHarlem that include patterns and models spanning his years in the industry that are available to the public. 

The Designers' Studio, has evolved into a professional development vehicle vastly different from traditional programs because it includes practical advice from experts in the industry. 

Designers’ Studio offers is open to all local and global designers in need of:

1. Studio time to develop a design, obtain advise on design, fabrics and patterns and access to cutting tables. 

2. Sample production and light manufacturing through SoHarlem’s in-house seamstress

3. Space for meetings to showcase their collection to potential and currents buyers.


Katherine Phillips, Founder & Creative Director Sew-It-Is & KP Indie and has been mentoring emerging designers in the practical and detailed steps for bringing new fashion collections to market

Katherine’s experience spans twenty-five years with major industry labels that include: French Connection, Nicole Farhi, Nordstrom, Talbots, and Bon Marche, Paris. Like many new market leaders in fashion, Sew-It-Is advocates sustainability in all aspects of fashion creation.  Katherine has studied at the University of Paris/Sorbonne and Columbia University, New York, NY.

The Sew-It-Is enterprise is in its second year at SoHarlem and includes a team of expert seamstress, patternmakers, fabric illustrators, embroiderers, etc.  Sew-It-Is also has a location in New Delhi, India, where Katerine had developed two generation of workers who design fabrics and the various embellishments unique to the region providing her with the ability to source the more hundreds of fabrics.

Interested in SoHarlem Designers' Studio

Please send us an email at describing your needs or when you would like to book time to use the Designers’ Studio and we will forward rates.